So what is this website all about? It’s simply dedicated to documenting places I’ve been, things I’ve seen, events I’ve participated in and more. This website is not going to have ads or ever make money, its not going to win any awards, but hopefully it does one thing: Inspires others to go and do things. The purpose is just so that others may find it and learn of cool things out there in the world that they may then want to see, witness, take part in.

You can read a little of the backstory here, but this site existed from 2005-2014 fairly extensively until a web server crash lost all the data and backups. So in 2019 I finally decided to start it over, so it will take me time to build content back up, thankfully the map with pins has always survived so I have the outline, just need to fill it all back in again.

Who am I? Just a guy, nothing special. That’s sort of the point. Too many people think they can’t travel or do things, its too expensive, its too much work, its not doable with kids or schedule situations, but most of the reality is that its just about your comfort zone.

We have 3 kids, 2 cats, and plenty fish in a pond; my wife and I both have full time jobs, we are not rich, we’ve had to work around last minute changes, medical things and more, but seeing the world is important and frankly very easy if you’re willing to spend some time/effort to just get off that couch and do something.

Any adventure usually goes a lot better if it starts by doing just a little bit of research, so that’s back to where this site really comes in. I’m just documenting things we’ve done so people of the world can happen across this site, and hopefully learn from our experiences and decide to do, not do, do differently, something of their own.